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Getting Healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit

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Every man is the builder of a temple called his body -Henry David Thoreau

We must take responsibility as builders for the temple that we call our body.  Day by day we are adding brick and mortar or taking the wrecking ball to this sacred place.

It’s not up to anyone else to do the building.  If our body is going to be healthy we must be the one to make the right daily choices to see it happen.

The decision to find balance with eating smart and exercise is up to you. This doesn’t have to be taken to the extreme.  Carve out a little time today and go for a walk. Eat some fruit instead of a candy bar. Get enough sleep for a change (8 hours a night).  Make a mindful decision to build up and not tear down this magnificent temple called your body.    For some more health tips check out  http://wp.me/pGpee-2W

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Looking for Healthy Balance? Check out Fit Forever: The Next Step

FIT FOREVER The Next Step is a uniquely designed lifestyle book that focuses on daily consistency in leading a healthy life. 

This second book in the FIT FOREVER series helps people find healthy balance through nutrition and exercise. Look no further… this is a no-nonsense book helping you daily live a healthy lifestyle.

You should read FIT FOREVER, The Next Step if…

You are looking to find balance in mind, body, and spirit
You want to look and feel younger than you are
You are looking for healthy, easy to fix recipes
You are committed to advance to the next step in your Fit Forever Journey.

This simplistic book offers three sections: Be Well, Eat Well and Live Well.

Be Well opens with 180 daily motivational studies that highlight topics of the ten chapters from book one entitled FIT FOREVER.

Eat Well shows a healthy approach to eating, including food lists, and eating plans.  This section also includes healthy recipes from a Whole Foods Nutritionist with 28 years experience.

Live Well gives workouts and illustrated pictures of weight training exercises at three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

The author says, “On my quest in helping people find healthy balance I have discovered that regardless of our age, genetics, or body type we all have within us the power to change.  We must remember that we will only receive one body in the span of our life, and it’s up to us to do all that we can to take care of it.  Welcome to ‘The Next Step’ of your Fit Forever Journey.”

For more information on the FIT FOREVER SERIES simply click “Store” on this web site.

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Excuses are for Slackers

If we think hard enough each of us can come up with excuses for not being as healthy as we should be.

Excuses are weak.  They merely hamper our ability to overcome the obstacles before us.  They point the finger to other people or circumstances and keep us from taking the vital steps to change our lives for the better.  At times all of us can throw the pity party and play the excuse game.  Last time I threw a pity party nobody showed up but me!

It’s time to make a decision once and for all to take care of our body.  It deserves the best of our care all of the time, not just when we feel like it.  It’s a good thing we don’t just show up to work when we feel like it, or pay bills when we feel like it.

How many times have you thought about skipping a workout because you were “too tired” to exercise, but when you have gone despite your fatigue, you have felt much more awake and energized afterward?  Whether we feel like exercising or not, when we go ahead and do it we always reap the benefits.

It is a proven fact that people who exercise regularly have more energy, a sharper mind, as well as strength and endurance to get through their day.  When your body is working at peak efficiency, your energy levels soar!  So let’s get rid of those excuses and take care of our bodies like we should.

Next time you are tempted to go down the road of excuses just remember that they are for slackers.  And that’s not you!

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“The Body is a marvelous machine” -Theodor Herzl

“The body is a marvelous machine…a chemical laboratory, a power-house.  Every movement, voluntary  or involuntary, is full of secrets and marvels.”    –Theodor Herzl

Most of us just don’t realize what an amazing gift our body is to us. It is a miraculous complex laboratory of chemicals that can achieve astounding things when maintained properly.

Did you know that your stomach cells secrete hydrochloric acid to break down foods for our digestive system?  This type of acid is a corrosive compound used to treat metals in the industrial world. It can pickle steel, but the mucous lining the walls of our stomach keep this poisonous liquid safely in the digestive system. Amazing!

Yet surprisingly enough, many of us use our body as a guinea pig by experimenting with any diet plan that comes along. That’s what America does, bouncing from one diet fad to another.  From liquid diets where nothing is consumed except three shakes a day to drinking grapefruit juice after every meal.   Then there’s the no carbohydrate diet, egg and banana diet, and of all things, the hot dog diet.  Give me a break!

Most of us don’t realize that when we decide to go on every diet that comes along, we put our bodies into major shock! In fact, many diets can be dangerous to our health.  Most diets call for times of starvation, when we deprive our bodies of the necessary nutrients that they need on a daily basis. When we go without food for long periods our body actually shifts into a protective mode thinking that we are starving. This mode literally slows our metabolism and holds onto fat, storing it for use as the body needs it in the absence of food. So the well-intentioned dieter actually defeats the very purpose that they have set out to accomplish; they are storing more fat as opposed to burning it.

Weight loss is actually a fairly easy equation. Burning more calories than you consume equals weight lost. Consuming the same amount of calories as calories burned, weight is maintained. Taking in more calories than what you burn, weight increases.

The best thing we can do is to look at food as fuel that our bodies need on a regular basis. If your car’s gas tank is on empty, you can guarantee you won’t be going anywhere until you fill it up with fuel. We would not think of doing something as senseless as putting water or oil into the gas tank of our car, because we know that it will cause major damage to the engine.

However, day in and day out we choose to put the wrong fuel into our bodies. The food that we eat contributes greatly to how we feel. Many of us have simply fallen into bad habits that are hard to break, and our bodies are paying the price for it. The sad fact is that we do not suffer from a lack of information. The challenge comes in applying the relevant, life changing principles to our own lives.

Your body is miraculous. You only get one for a lifetime, so do everything you can to take care of it.

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It’s time to take charge

“The patient should be made to understand that he or she must take charge of his own life.  Don’t take your body to the doctor as if he were a repair shop.”   Quentin Regestein

Going to the doctor is okay as we need to seek medical attention to treat sickness.  But that is merely a “reactive” approach to when we encounter a problem with our health.

The World Health Organization says that we are to embrace a proactive, not a reactive solution to being healthy.   They call it, “Preventive, curative and palliative interventions.”  This means it is not just our doctor’s job to make us healthy.

Bottom line, it is our personal responsibility to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  It is high time for us to realize that it’s not the job of our spouse, friend, or neighbor to motivate us toward health.   The responsibility lies with each of us to learn how to take care of the body that is given to us.  It is ours to manage for a lifetime.

Where to begin?  Let’s start by getting our minds around the kind of changes we want to attain with our bodies. The sculptor creates his work of art in his mind before even touching the workable clay.  We can do the same with changes that we want to make in 2011.

Take a deep breath and be still for a few minutes.  Begin to get that visual in your mind of what you want your strong, healthy and energetic body to look like.  Close your eyes and keep them closed until you have the clear, attainable picture in your mind.

Begin to make a list of 5 goals that are important to you, and begin to think about some baby steps toward those goals.

Remember, we will change our body when we change our mind; and not until then.

*For help with getting a plan together check out the FIT FOREVER book series here

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A Tribute to Jack LaLanne, A LEGACY OF HEALTH

Jack LaLanne, a forefather of health and fitness, passed away yesterday at his home in Morro Bay, California.  He was 96 years of age.

As I think of the impact that he has made over the years, I think of a two words: LEGEND and LEGACY.   He was legendary in embracing the idea that Americans should work out and eat right to retain their youthfulness and energy.  Jack LaLanne found ways to motivate Americans to get off their couches and into the gym way before it was cool.  And he was still pumping iron and pushing fruits and vegetables decades after most people retire.

Mr. LaLanne believed that eating well and exercise were the two absolutes to feeling great and looking young — and he made it his mission to help people attain that lifestyle.

According to the LA Times LaLanne was the spiritual father of the current health movement, opening what is commonly believed to be the nation’s first health club, in Oakland in 1936.  This blossomed into a national craze of weight rooms, exercise classes and sports clubs creating a positive environment for health.

In the 1950s, he launched an early-morning televised exercise program tailored to housewives. He and his dog happy encouraged kids to go get their moms out of bed and exercise in front of the TV.  He proposed the then-radical idea that women, the elderly, and even the disabled should work out to retain strength.

Full of passion and exuberance LaLanne saw himself as a cheerleader, motivator and in some cases a life saver when it came to helping people be healthy, feel younger, and live longer.

What a man!  We will miss his strength and enthusiasm.  He leaves each of us a legacy of health to carry on in an age where obesity is winning the fight.

In spite of big shoes to fill and the challenges before us, I’ll be the first to say count me in!  The question is: Who will join me in my quest in helping people be FIT FOREVER one day at a time?  If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?

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Now He’s Lost over 340 pounds!

Sky Fitness member Scot Underwood is the man! He has lost over 340 pounds over the course of the last few years. No, he didn’t take any short cuts, magic pills, lotions or potions.  He has lost every single pound the healthy way.  His journey has been one of proper balance in eating right and exercise, along with his determination to be FIT FOREVER.

So how does a person lose over 340 lbs?  How do they go from wearing 9X shirts and size 80 overalls to wearing regular sized clothes?

Scot Underwood says, “I knew that if I told myself I needed to lose over 300 lbs that it would be overwhelming.  So I set a goal of just losing a couple of pounds the healthy way; simply burning more calories a day than I consumed.  I continued to lose those couple of pounds 150 times over a two-year period.  This has been an amazing journey; one that has literally saved my life.”

The key is finding proper balance with what we eat and how active we need to be for optimal health.

Health is feeling positive and energetic, and the ability to put in a good day’s work on the job, and still have energy when we get home at night.  It means taking control of our schedules and making time for our priorities.  It’s realizing the importance of living long enough to see our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren grow up to lead long, happy lives.  Healthy living is no short-term venture.  It is a lifestyle that we must embrace every day of our journey.

The truth is, most Americans live inactive lifestyles.  That is why 120 million people – over 50% of us – are overweight.  The reason that most people have become overweight is fairly clear cut – they take in more calories and fat than they burn throughout the day.  Simply put: if we want to lose weight, we must find a way to burn more calories and fat than we take in.

The good news is that by taking more steps in the course of our day we can add consistent calorie burning which increases our metabolism, helping us to lose weight.  Weight loss is all about how many calories we burn in a day, what we eat, and how much we eat (portion control).  Without some help to know those equations our weight loss is left to happenstance.

Decide to live an active lifestyle.

We must take the time and energy to be more active.  Start today by walking more.  Instead of taking the elevator to the second, third, or even fourth floor, search out the stairway and get a little exercise.  Take opportunities to walk during the lunch hour or around the neighborhood after work.  Just keeping our body in motion by walking an extra 20 minutes a day will burn a surprising amount of calories.

Schedule an hour of exercise three times a week, setting aside twenty minutes of that hour for cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, riding a bike or jumping rope.  During the last forty minutes of that hour do some kind of strength training such as push-ups, sit ups, or lifting weights.

One thing that may be helpful to understand about exercise is that it not only burns fat but also actually speeds up our body’s metabolism.   To speed up our metabolism we need to increase our activity and our aerobic exercise. As a rule we strive to burn as many calories as we can during exercise.  That is beneficial to weight loss.  But interestingly enough, it is after exercise that the metabolism speeds up, burning off even more calories and unnecessary body fat.

We need to realize that it’s time to change some things that are long overdue concerning our health.

NOW is the time to change.  Much like Scot Underwood with his 340 lb. weight loss, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do. Good luck on your FIT FOREVER journey!

Check  out the latest news on Scot in the Tulsa World Article.


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