Your body tells the story…

miraculous body“Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.”  –Frank Gillette Burgess
Have you ever thought about the fact that our bodies tell a piece of our life story? We must realize that we get but one body in life to manage for a lifetime. The choices we make every day concerning our bodies shape and sculpt that “work of art” into the image that we have created.

In order to change our body, the first thing we must change is our minds. The mind is a very powerful thing! It controls all the cravings, and the choices, either good or bad that have gotten us to the point that we are right now.

Many of us have daily habits that enslave us and do little more than suck the life out of us. We want to change, but deep down we are holding onto these habits because that’s all we know. We need to see the big picture of how life could be different.

Think about your situation for a moment. Take responsibility. Stop blaming. Aren’t we the ones making the choices that have gotten us where we are? We determine our success or failure. Not our parents, not our friends, not our co-workers. We can choose to be our own best friend or we can be our own worst enemy.

Realize that there is no better time to embrace a healthy lifestyle than now. Remember that we are the only ones who can choose to change the old ways. Often the main difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is simply the decision to make a change and the ability to follow through.

Bottom line: Only one person is accountable for making the necessary changes, and that someone is you!  You can embrace a mindset that will change your total outlook on life, or you can always do what you’ve always done and always get what you’ve always gotten!  Let’s manage our body in a way  that tells a happier, healthier story.



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