Walk More, Live Longer

“Being healthy allows you to feel that now is the best time of your life.”

-Tom Hopkins

Living more healthy can be as simple as just taking more steps in the course of your day. About every 30 steps you take is one calorie burned.  That is great news, as most of us are looking to burn as many calories as we can on a daily basis.

Think of ways you can take more steps: walk around during phone calls, while you’re reading, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the store, window shop at the mall, leave your desk and visit your co-workers instead of sending them an email, walk as you text your spouse or friends.  The opportunities are there if you will look for them.

The American Counsel of Exercise performed an eight-year study with over 13,000 people who walked 30 minutes daily.  Results showed that they had a significantly reduced chance of premature death compared with those who rarely exercised.

So walk more and live longer, enjoy more energy and feel younger!  Here’s to a healthier YOU!

If you want to know more, check out USA Today.

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