Healthy Kids Make for a Healthier America

Considering one-third of the children in America is considered overweight or obese most of us would agree that something needs to change.  But where do we start?

First, we must put our finger on the pulse of America’s health. Due to our fast food lifestyles more than twenty-five million children are showing signs of high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

That’s more than ever before. A recent study by the Ontario Medical Association found that three-quarters of obese kids will likely grow up to be obese adults and face heart trouble, diabetes, and other related medical conditions.

The U.S. spends $150 billion a year dealing with the issues of obesity that I have already mentioned.  Health-care premiums have risen more than three times faster than wages, largely because of the unhealthy choices of today’s society. We are one of the most intelligent civilizations ever, and yet we are blowing it when it comes to our health.

Unfortunately these problems won’t fix themselves.  They will continue to plague us until we find a way to change the patterns of “fast food” America.  These toxic habits and lifestyles will only continue to follow on to future generations if something is not done soon.

I agree with Dr. Sasson Moulavi, of Smart For Life Weight Management Centers. He said: “My worry is some parents will sit back and wait for the government to come up with a magic plan. It is not going to happen. Parents need to realize they must take the initiative now. They have to stop waiting for a solution to fall from the sky. That’s just magical thinking.”

He could not be more right.  It’s up to America’s families to “pass the torch” of health to the next generation. Bottom line: it’s time for someone to take the responsibility to make a difference.

Parents and Community Leaders, let’s get started!

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