You CAN be fit forever!

I love what I do, because I get to wake up every day and help improve the quality of lives of people in body, mind and spirit!

That’s why I’m so excited about the newest book in my series, FIT FOREVER The Next Step. It is a uniquely designed lifestyle book that focuses on daily consistency in leading a healthy life.

This simplistic book offers three sections:

Be Well opens with 180 daily motivational studies that focus on topics of the ten chapters from the first book Fit Forever, Discovering Your 21st Century Fountain of Youth.

Eat Well shows a healthy approach to eating, including food lists, eating plans and healthy recipes offered by Whole Foods Nutritionist Sharon Stroud.

Live Well is the exercise section that gives illustrated pictures  of weight training exercises for beginners, intermediate and the advanced.

Why did I write this book?

This project is my life’s work.  Leaving a legacy of health is my way of trying to make a difference in the unhealthy world we live in.  I’ve seen the principles that make up this book transform people inside and out.  In spite of the many opportunities to speak to audiences, I’m limited to how many I can reach.  The simple fact is that books will long outlive the span of my lifetime and continue to help people for decades to come.

So many people want to see change take place, but they just don’t know how to do it.  This book gives them the proper tools and motivation to succeed on their journey.

After all, we only have one body for this journey.  Isn’t it time we started taking care of it?

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