Daily Motivational Study from my newly released book: FIT FOREVER, The Next Step

“Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.”   Frank Gillette Burgess
It’s true, we get but one body in life. It is a gift for us to manage for a lifetime.

So, what is the pulse of our country’s health? By any measure America’s health is failing miserably.  We spend far more on health care than anyone in the world and we are one of the least healthy nations in the world.  More than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and more than 15 million of us have diabetes.

We fall prey to heart disease and cancer at a higher rate than any country in the world largely due to our unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Almost half of our people walking the streets of America are prime candidates for heart disease, stroke or some form of cancer.

What is heartbreaking is that America’s kids are the first generation in history whose life span is ten years less than their parents due to our fast food habits and lack of exercise.

It’s time for us to embrace a healthy lifestyle!

Remember, your body is a priceless gift! You only get one for a lifetime.  It’s unique, it’s one of a kind, and it’s yours to take care of the rest of your life.

Bottom line – only one person is accountable for making the necessary changes, and that someone is YOU.  Join me in a movement to make America FIT FOREVER one person at a time!

(I’d love to hear your comments and feedback as to how we can make a difference!)


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3 responses to “Daily Motivational Study from my newly released book: FIT FOREVER, The Next Step

  1. I agree and have been taking baby steps for 4 years to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m interested in suggestions that take into account finances which are already spread very thin.

    Also, thanks for this Tom! Keep the encouragement and info coming!

    • Great point! I address some of these issues in FIT FOREVER, The Next Step. By far, eating at home is the best way to stretch our meal dollars. Make sure to budget eating out at places with healthy alternatives. Remember that large trips to the grocery store beat small daily trips. Plan meals in advance and set the shopping list accordingly. Stick to the list, taking the time to add each item to your total as you go.

  2. Great article honey! You rock!

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