Visualize it, Believe it, and DO IT!

It’s said that everyone has a story.  Matt Peterson’s story of strength and motivation proves that we all have within us the power to change.

In a recent interview he described what it was like for him one hundred pounds ago.  He was sluggish, self conscious, embarrassed and ashamed at how he had let his body go for so long.  He found himself withdrawing from friends, rarely making it out of his loose fitting sweat pants and over-sized shirts. All joy and zest for life was gone.

Knowing that he needed to make serious changes in his eating habits and level of activity he would start each week with the best of intentions, only to slide back into old habits and patterns. His thinking each week was that he could always start again the following Monday.  But after seeing a bunch of Mondays come and go, he got sick and tired of watching life pass him by.

One day, at his lowest point, he discovered stretch marks on his body as a result of his excessive weight gain.  The striking realization sank in that these were indelible marks that would be with him for a lifetime.  How could he possibly have let things get so out of hand?

Shortly after that point he found the motivation he had been pursuing for so long.  While looking at a Muscle and Fitness Magazine he spotted a picture of a guy’s well sculpted, muscular back; and that was it! Looking at this picture every day and visualizing his own body in that condition was enough motivation to make the long awaited changes that he had been hoping for.

Soon his negativity shifted to a positive mindset.  What once seem insurmountable, he now believed he could attain.  Knowing that it would take time and a huge commitment, he started learning how to eat a healthier diet. He then made a decision to educate himself on how to lose body fat while building lean muscle mass.

As he embraced these life changing principles he began to produce some great, productive workouts.  The more he channeled his focus, the better his workouts in the gym became.  With consistency and an unwavering commitment he kept his eye on the prize. After four months of eating right and exercise he lost over 70 pounds of unwanted body fat.

This progress propelled him forward in his weight loss to over 100 pounds in less than one year. Shortly after he scheduled a photo shoot to see how his own sculpted back compared to his motivational photo.  Take a look for yourself at what passion and hard work will accomplish!

One thing is for sure.  No more sluggish, self conscious and withdrawn Matt! He is a new man with a new found passion for life!

There are some who have attained a 100 pound weight loss, but few have attained “fitness model” status.  Matt has continued his journey of health and wellness becoming a student of living a vibrant and healthy life.  He is certified as a NASM Trainer, and loves to motivate others toward their fitness goals.  Matt is convinced that no matter what our age or body type, we can visualize it, believe it and do it!

He is currently writing his first book which tells the story of his 100 pound weight loss and total body transformation.  Remember that name, Matt Peterson.  Great success awaits!

To find out more about Matt’s weight loss journey and fitness tips contact  him at

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One response to “Visualize it, Believe it, and DO IT!

  1. Great post Matt. Even better story.
    Thanks for the inspiration, I am feeding off of it and having some great progress myself.

    Can’t wait for the book.


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