Determination is the spark to greatness

“It isn’t sufficient just to want; you’ve got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.”   Franklin D. Roosevelt

A person’s determination seems to be the dominant ingredient of success… more than education, intelligence, physical attributes, or having a pleasing personality. We must display a powerful need to make a difference, which is not the same as merely making a name for ourselves.

In my early days as a semi-professional pitcher, during a game, my pitching coach came to visit me on the mound and said these words to me, “Don’t you dare pace yourself! When I call on you to do a job, I expect all you’ve got every pitch. All of you, all the time. This ain’t no dress rehearsal. You’ve got this one shot, make it count!” His 90 second kicks in the backside were not eloquent, but effective.

We must remember that we get one chance to live our lives.  Let’s make it count and make a difference in our world.

What are you determined to accomplish that will make a difference?

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