Passing the Flame

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia has come and gone…
As 190 million viewers followed on NBC, the United States represented us well, bringing home 37 medals, topping Germany with 30 and Canada with 26. Darned those Canadians for beating our U.S. Hockey Team in overtime!

There is something about Olympic Competition that has always fascinated me. I LOVE AMERICA, and I love athletic competition. I guess it’s the idea of the United States sending out our most gifted, best trained athletes in the world to put their best on the line.

In 1996 I was selected to represent Oklahoma to carry the Olympic torch, passing the Olympic Flame which started in Athens, Greece halfway across the world to the ceremonious lighting to kick off the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was selected for my work with youth and athletics. After pitching semi- professional baseball, I took my love for the game and passed it on to thousands of kids in baseball camps, sports programs, and clinics. “CrossTraining Baseball Camps…learning the skills of baseball and life.” Man, did we have a blast!

Some friends and family helped me purchase the original torch that I carried in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia; the proceeds going to a deserving charity. Today the torch is one of my most prized possessions, and will be passed on to my kids when I’m through with my leg of this journey.

For now the torch is encased and on display at my home along with an Olympic flag; reminding me that I must continue to pass on a legacy of faith and love to future generations to come.

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